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This must be everyone's personal experience too. People prefer searching products online over going to shop. Yea, we are talking about online shopping! Because of the constant scrolling over the internet pages, search engines have become the number one starting point for the online shopping. This means search engine has become the main marketing channel for majority of the businesses.

So the point here is having a business website isn't just enough! You've to make sure that your website is pretty well composed with the contents that are relevant to the search engines as well as your visitors. This is called optimization and this helps you to increase your sales and improves your business.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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SEOis the process of maximizing the visibility of your website from the organic or the natural search results on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO is a marketing strategy where one should mainly consider factors such as customer's needs, how search engines function, constant checking of applicability of your website contents so that it is indexed and well-positioned by the search engines etc.

Since the search engines aim at delivering most relevant results to the searcher, it is important to maintain the quality of the contents on your website and keep it well-structured as it will be taken into consideration while ranking the websites


Advantages of having SEO for your business

Increased ranking and top positions in the 1st page of search engine results bring more exposure to your site causing more customers to get associated with your company or brand. This will create more brand values and widespread brand awareness.

Cost effective

SEO is one of the widely accepted marketing strategies because it is cost-effective. Because it targets users who are actively searching for your service/products online. This brings more inbound traffic to your site and so you don't have to spend extra penny on cold-calling etc.

Increased traffic

Getting indexed for search engine ranking and getting positioned in primary search result page will increase significant traffic to your site. So maintaining quality content and using relevant keywords in SEO will help you achieve proper ranking resulting in potential traffic.

Why is SEO important for your business?

Maximum number of people use internet to shop. They search for their desired products online practically relying on the search engines! So if your company website isn't on the primary search result page, it is virtually invisible!

So through the process of SEO your focus should be on improving your position on the search engine's primary results, driving in potential traffic, engaging customers, growing conversion rates, promoting local business etc.

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of online experiences begin with a search engine %
search engine market share owns by Google %
of the links search users click on are organic %
of users don't go to second page in the search engine %

My business is local - is SEO still important?

According to the Google's research, 90% of the internet users use search to find local businesses. So local SEO marketing helps in promoting your business locally exactly where your local customers are looking for a local service.

In fact local SEO is both efficient and cost-effective because unlike local newspaper adds and leaflets, you can reach your local customers as and when they need - not when they don't! so since customers rely on local SEO & it also has become a strong trend now, you better take advantage of it, starting from today!

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